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iPhone 5s stuck on red battery symbol.

Recently purchased an iPhone 5s.

Had it plugged into my Mac for about the last 40 minutes and it's showing the red battery on the screen.

When I unplug, it says to plug in the lightning cable.

I've opened the phone and unplugged the battery connector and plugged it back in.

Not sure if there are any solutions I can try, just desperate for it to work.


Sam <3

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Apparently, a battery replacement will fix this issue.

Is that correct?

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Not always, the issue could be caused by a few things, not trying to charge the phone via a wall charger instead of USB port from a computer.

A bad tristar charging chip, which requires board-level repair to fix that problem.

But it's always good to try a battery after you exhausted the basic troubleshooting steps like trying another charger and etc as it's cheap to try.


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