steering wheel adjustment/knob suddenly stopped working

The steering wheel on my 2008 Infiniti G37s used to adjust by moving a knob on the left side of the steering column ( up, down, in and out) to adjust for any driver, Now it is frozen where it is, will not move at all. I have checked the fuses, disconnected and reconnected the battery as a sort of reboot (suggestion from a friend). I really have no idea what else to try !! The book doesn't say a single word about this adjustment knob (just that it's there)) The dealership wanted to tear my whole dash apart, just to see if they could find a problem ($1500) with no guarantees !! Everyone sick of my obsession about fixing it. it has become a matter of principle.

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It has been repaired (yes, by me) after lots of reading and searches. it turned out the knob was broken at its point of attachment on the steering wheel. I removed the steering wheel cowling and found the problem right away. I glued the knob back in place, replaced the cowling and it works like it was never broken. thank you !!


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