Series of HP Pavilion laptops released in 2015. The Pavilion 15 P Series is known to be difficult to service.

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Recieved a slightly different battery model then the one I ordered

The battery my laptop uses is an HSTNN-LB61, unfortunately its reached the end of its useful life. I searched for the model of the battery, and ordered a battery that was the same model, BUT what arrived was an HSTNN-UB6K . Now, the battery fits perfectly, its the same voltage, but with a slightly different capacity. I just have a slight concern: Is it safe to use this battery? Thank you for your support!

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Capacity difference is fine. If it is a larger capacity it simply means it lasts longer on battery.

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both batteries are 14.8 volts and 41 watt hours. I am using this new battery now and its working fine!


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