The Nintendo DS is Nintendo's seventh generation handheld game console.

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Top Screen is just white, Whats wrong?

Hey guys, I am having a problem with my ds. One day i turned it on and the ds top screen was just white, I turned the screen a bit more upwards and it started working again. But,after a while, it stayed white... I tryed looking into the top part and looking at the ribbon cables, but they were in properly. I even found out that if a ribbon cable wasn't plugged, the ds itself would turn off when you try to turn it on. I was wondering if you guys knew what was wrong with my ds? And if so, how do you fix it?

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Check to make sure the big cable from the upper LCD to the daughter board in the top part of the ds is seated properly. If you pay attention there is a white line. The thicker, darker part of that cable should be right behind that and parallel to it. Make sure the black hinge that holds it in the connector is flat and even. Sometimes the middle likes to pop out. If that is in order. Then the ribbon cable that runs from the motherboard through the hinge to the daughter board in the top part of the ds needs replaced. Besides what you mention you already know your instructions are here:

Nintendo DS Upper LCD Screen Replacement

Your part is here.

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Thanks man, i have checked out those cables already, i think i need the new cable. Wait, is this the motherboard to daughter board cable?


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(WARNING not a real fix) When it turns white (I turned the screen a bit more upwards) do that and then the oppisite again and again until it's back to normal. If it happens again do it again.

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