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Cable took a lightening strike, HMDI and other manual inputs no longer

I have a Samsung 55" UN55MU6071 Smart TV. The cable line took a lightening strike and fried my cable tv box, cable modem and router. Also my TV will not acknowledge any inputs from HDMI, cable or other physical input ports. What will I have to replace to repair this TV.

Thank you for your assistance with this matter.


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Hi @fixitmyselfty ,

Disconnect the power from the TV and then remove the back cover.

Check if the HDMI ports are on a separate board or are on the mainboard.

Find the "board number" that is printed on the applicable board and then search online using that information to find suppliers of the board that suits you best.

Also check on Ebay etc, if anybody is offering to sell UN55MU6071 faulty TV good for parts (due to broken screen only, perhaps) and if they're willing to sell you just the board.

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