MacBook no ram no beep, black screen, no chime, solid sleep light


I got a MacBook of 2007, but it doesn't boot, the screen stays black, the sleep light stays white (no blinking) and there is no chime. I can here the hard drive working.

USB port are working. I can't test it with an external monitor but I think it won't work.

I removed the RAM but I didn't get the beep that would tell me a problem with it. Reset of PRAM and SMC didn't change anything, neither testing with one empty slot.

There is a lot of similar problems but none of the solution worked.

As anyone an idea of the nature of the problem ? And a solution to fixed it ?


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Did you get a tome when you reset the PRAM? Do you know the difference between the sound made by the optical drive on start up and the hard drive?


No sound emitted and yes I know the difference, in fact the optical drive has made no sound at all( I don't know if it's dead but it didn't eject the cd stucks in it with a left clic at boot).The hard drive runs normally.


Does the SIL flash when you remove the RAM?


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