So how do I figure out which color charge port goes with which iPhone?

I will have an iPhone 7 Gold I have been asked to replace the charge port on Friday, and there are multiple options for the port, none of which are gold. I would rather order the port I need and not one of each. Which color port goes with which phone?

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Oke so if i'm not wrong, ( not sure about iphone 7 did not have to replace one yet ), but the color is not a big deal, the color of the carging port in only on the inside, you have a metal ring on the outside of you phone so it looks gold, so you could just place a black or white in there & the bottom of your phone will still show a gold charging port.

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I'm sure all the charging ports are replaceable but the only possible color difference would be inside the charging port itself.

There are two colors, either white or black, OP should go for the white one of course.


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