14 Megapixel camera. Has 12x Optical zoom, 48x Digital zoom, OIS, HD video with Stereo microphones and autofocus. Comes in Red or Black. This camera supports the following memory cards: SD/SDHC/SDXC/EyeFi (full support).

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Where can I find a good parts camera?

Note: While this has been a problem for a few years, I could always ignore it since it had no impact on functionality. Now it does, so I need to look into what I can do to fix it.

As stated above, this has been a problem with my Canon SX150 for a few years. However, it has now gotten to the point I can no longer ignore it and I need to get it repaired. The problem I am having with my camera is the battery cover damage is now causing the camera to flash low battery within ~3-4 pictures taken, give or take depending on if I spend time adjusting settings like the white balance. Since this condition typically causes the camera to shut down without warning, it's no longer just an appearance issue. The other problem is once one clip on the battery compartment fails, the battery cover is under excessive stress and cracks. This has also happened on mine.

The problem I am having is I am looking on eBay for a parts camera I can get the parts I need (Battery cover and case) the same issue appears on a lot of the listings I am finding (or have low quality pictures). In other cases, the cameras I see have a similar failure point. I'm starting to think this is a common defect.

Anyway I need some advice on finding a good parts camera. eBay is pretty much out of the question since the parts cameras usually have a gap that indicates a high probability of this problem being present. I am also finding the price on used cameras without this problem are cheap and plentiful (~$44-60). I suspect the limited selection of parts cameras has to do with the price to replace them without attempting a repair or they show up but people buy the good ones as they show up.

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Hi @nick ,

You may wish to purchase the parts list for your camera.

That way you can search online using the relevant part number only, to hopefully find a replacement part.

It may be that the battery cover is compatible with more than one camera model which may make finding one easier.

Just a thought.

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I need the chassis AND battery cover. The chassis has damage that will damage any subsequent covers.


Hi @nick ,

Fair enough.

Sometimes though parts can be found by using the part number and not the model name and part description.

It may be a long shot but for the price of the list it may be worth a try.



The problem is I have to see how much these parts will cost vs a complete known good replacement camera (in which case, this would become my parts camera if I got another SX150). I'll do the math to give you an idea of the dilemma I'm finding myself in. I'm going to come up with a parts list and see what the cost will average out at, but cost may prove to be a problem.

As far as interchangeability of parts it looks like the SX130 uses the same cover as the SX150, but I don't know about the back cover. The front is screenprinted, so I need the SX150 part for that.

I already have a ballpark guess of $44-60, so I know what the used price of the cameras averages out at. Since that's the average price range I can find, the $44 cameras mean $20 is ~50% as much as one of those cameras. If I get one of the more expensive ones ($50-60), it's a little better ($25 is the 50% point for the $50 price point) and it goes from there (Camera price/2 was used to calculate this).


I assume you know of the battery-goes-dead-when-its-off problem ?

Mine is a SX130. Takes beauty pics. BUT, you must remove the batts when it stored. Would I spend 100bucks to fixit ? NO.

I suggest you sell them both (bundled) as PARTS ONLY, AS-IS. In eBay parlance that says No returns, No refunds, No questions, No problems.

For a laugh,, my old Nikon batt door was held shut with a velcro strap glued to the broken door, and another glued to the side. I still have it !

Duck tape is good, but Epoxy is still #1


I'm in the same position with my SX150 since I'd rather do a proper repair then apply a hack fix. I'm torn between cutting my losses and being thankful the defect didn't destroy the camera early on or try to find a parts camera without any sign of this problem to do the repair. I'm all for repair when it makes sense but you end up losing a lot more often on point and shoot cameras that are a few years old. What makes it worse is this is my preferred camera for nightmare closeups my other camera fails at when I make iFixit guides. Thankfully that position can be filled by any camera with a excellent lens, sensor and closeup performance.

I can get a Sony camera with the EXMOR R CMOS sensor for $200. Parts for the SX150 are difficult to come by and the battery cover alone is $20 most of the time... Depending on the price of a used camera (read: 100% functional), you already lose on trying to repair it just because of the battery cover.

Unless you luck out and find a good parts camera without this problem (apparently these are hard to come by), you can't do the repair without running into issues of the repair costing more then a used camera. You're limited to hack fixes like Velcro and duct tape otherwise. I lost a A490 this way (drop damage, so my fault that time) so I'm familiar with the design flaw that causes it. It's caused by the locking tabs that are too small to handle the stress AA batteries put on these cameras.


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