Why my TV doesn't show internet content while it's connected to intern

My TV has connected to internet and shows it's connected but when I try to see internet content selection the message "Configuration failed while connected" appears.

How to fix the problem and get internet on TV?

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What is the model number of your TV?


Hi Jaueff,

The model is KDL-46EX713


Tony which country was this TV purchased from?


Hi Tony,

Has it ever worked OK?

How is the TV connected to the router or modem/router, via wireless or ethernet cable?


Hi Jaueff,

It was purchased in Canada.

And I tried to connect through router, WIFI, the result is the same.

It shows that internet connection is OK but when I try to see internet content the message "Configuration failed whilw connecting" or error <2200> appears on the screen.

Sony can't help me with this.


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