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Model A1502 / 2.6 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.1 GHz) or 2.8 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.3 GHz) dual-core Intel Core i7 processor with 4MB shared L3 cache.

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Battery Replacement Becomes a Logic Board Issue. (I'm Suspicious)

I have a 13" Mackbook Pro (mid 2014).

I have never had a problem with it, but all of a sudden I started to get replace battery

warning on the laptop. To verify it was in fact the battery, I ran a diagnostics TechTool Pro 9.6.2 Build 3820 on the laptop. It confirmed that the battery needed replacement.

I didn't want to change the battery myself, so I did what every other non geek does and brought into the Apple store.

They sent it out, because for some unknown reason they don't do that in house.

I just got an email from them saying that the logic board has to be replaced at a cost of $475.

I work I.T for a living and have heard off and personally seen situations where consumers at the Apple store are misinformed and ripped off for diagnosis that are in fact wrong.

I told them to just replace the battery, They said no. I said ship it back.

I just purchased the battery kit from here and will do the job myself.

Anyone have any ideas here?

Update (04/26/2018)

My ifixit battery kit came yesterday. I took out the hair blower and proceeded very carefully remove the battery. I did not use the liquid that came in the box. I put in the new battery, tested everything before sealing everything back up. I did NOT paste the batteries back to the laptop. (and I can't fathom why Apple glues them either, unless it's just to make money on the replacement labor) I used very small, thin foam that came with the new battery to make sure nothing rattled or moved.

Again, there was absolutely no symptoms of logic board failure or anything else wrong with the laptop.

This was, I believe, a flagrant attempt to get consumers to update. There simply is no other plausible explanation. This, I know has happened to other people.

I am going to show documentation and and email correspondence, and forward a complaint to the better business bureau and any one else I can think off.

Thanks for your help and FYI.

Update (04/26/2018)

Just to give people the heads up, the MacBook pro hasn't had any random re-boots and everything is working well since I changed the battery.

No logic board issues.

Thank you ifixit!

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I had the same thing happen this week. I took my Macbook to the store to get a price on a battery replacement on my late 2013 Macbook. I agreed to pay $200. Three days later I got an email from Apple saying they found new issues. They found a logic board issue and I would need to pay $575 in addition to the $200 battery replacement! I guess they figured I'd just cave in and pay. Except I happen to know there was no logic board issue with my MacBook when they ran the diagnosis in the store. So I said screw that...just ship it back. Funny thing is, I got it back today, and for several tries it would not boot up. Then I realized it looked quite new—they had replaced the battery, along with the keyboard, touchpad, and top case. Apparently they had done the repair already, and were trying to push for more $ from me for a logic board replacement. After a few more tries I got it to boot, and it's now working great. Since I refused service, they were forced to send me it back...repaired...for free!


Same as system_700, late 2013 13" MBP dropped off for Service Battery for $199, got email saying it needs a new logic board, not battery, $475. Declined. Picked it up .yesterday with new battery and top case for free. Best thing is the new battery looks to have even more capacity than the old battery did new.


Interesting - I’m in the midst of the exact same issue - took late 2013 MacBook Pro in because of battery service warning - agreed to $199 battery replacement - but then somehow didn’t receive follow up emails saying I needed logic board replaced - got an email today saying my MacBook Pro would be returned to the store where I dropped it off -

Apple care support just told me 2-3 days for it to arrive at the store - will update on whether I got a free repair as well...


Just got my MacBook Pro back from the Apple Store - case and keyboard look and feel brand new and I no longer have the battery service warning - so I'm assuming they replaced everything and I didn't end up paying a dime...



Apple wouldn't replace every little part like keyboards and cases (chassis) like you are thinking, rather i believe that they have swapped your machine for a brand new one, and just switched the hard drive out. But that's an assumption of if the keyboard and case feel new.


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Could be your battery could be your board. I'd say plug in a new battery first and see what it says. If it recognizes, charges, and runs off of the new battery, then you're golden. If not, then there is some sort of board issue that needs repaired. Apple can suck it, so I'd say send it off for board repair if it's necessary. Peep my bio for a recommendation usually it's way cheaper than Apple 475 is absurd.

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Hello all,

I have a MacBook Pro, Mid 2015. Recently I noticed that my battery health dropped down to 70% at only 500 charging cycles. I took it for repair (where it still is) and was told that the battery is swollen and the repair replacement would cost me 369€. Nice!

I had the very same MacBook Pro in repair shortly after I had bought it in 2015. Back then, it would crash randomly and it took me several attempts/visits until the repair company believed me and was actually able to reproduce the issue. Then they replaced the motherboard. And since then it was working perfectly fine.

Now I am being told that not only the battery, but also the motherboard must be replaced (again!) at an additional 579€!!! Because some analysis program indicates that the new battery is still defect .. so the issue must be the mainboard.

I am shocked! This is my work PC that I was perfectly happy with until I got the "Service Battery" message. Now I should suddenly pay almost 1000€ for repair?! For a 3 year old MBP??

I have contacted Apple but they could not care less. They said warranty is over, .. they cannot do anything. Really? Not even for such a case? I am very disappointed by all of this. Apple products should be outstanding in quality and reliability. This is how I knew Apple products for a very long time. After all I am paying a really high amount of money in the first place for these products which I expect to be high quality.

So I have decided to take only the battery replacement. The repair store tells me that the battery gets charged normally and the “Service Battery message is gone. So why should this be an issue with the Mainboard?

I'll pick up the MBP tomorrow and will keep you posted on how it works, etc.



Update (11/22/2018)

ok - I have the MBP now in use since 5 days. Battery charging, discharging works all normally. Don't see any issues so far.

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I trusted Apple and when my battery was not charging, I sent it to Apple Singapore last month. Was told diagnotics is free and will replace the battery if it is not logic board, if it is, will give quote and ask if I wish to repair. I also informed that I will not want to replace the battery nor replace the logic board if the logic board is not functioning well.

Next day, I was informed my Macair 11inch was ready for collection. Was relieved it was not the logic board. Should heed the warning sign when the technician could not power on as the battery was dead and had to use the adapter to power on. When queried, was told it was because they never charge to full. Thus, brought it back to find that battery was draining at 30% a day even when shut down. Alarmed, brought it back to Apple. Service staff upgraded the IOS and said if it’s not software, it will be the logic board and $S700 to replace. After installing the new upgrade, I asked the service staff to shut off after full charge and on again about 15minutes later to see if battery drains. When power on again, the meter was at 98%. Service staff seen it, did not comment, so, I was stupid to think as before that it was normal. I trusted Apple too much then, and brought it home again with the same problem.

Third time (my machine is still at Apple now), was told it’s the logic board that needs replaced. I was frustrated and angry and argued with the service staff who called to tell me the problem. I told him why would I replace a battery on a bad logic board or replace the logic board if the value of the early 2014 Macair is only worth less than $700. I paid S$188 for the battery. I said I reject the battery and wanted them to put in an old battery and want a refund. I got !#^&@@ off when he said that I sent in the machine because of battery and not logic board, two different issues. My Macair was working fine with the old battery on adapter. I am back to square one after all the inconviences of trying to book slots online on days I do not have busy schedules, contacting, going to town finding expensive parking spaces etc. and still have to use adapter. New battery suppose to be on standby as and when I need it.

My case is reverse and worst than yours, new battery on bad logic board. If they had told me logic board initially, definitely, there will be no battery replacement. I Won’t be surprised if after paying for new logic board, they say it’s other hardware problem.

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@halo88 I had my macbook air sent to an authorized service provider near me as well after I spilled milk tea on it and they said they’d need to replace the left i/o board and flex cable and they’d have to import those from the singapore apple store since my country doesn’t have it’s own store.

After receiving my macbook i find out that it’s not charging beyond a certain point and they keep lying to me saying they charged it fully before giving it back when it was in fact at almost the same battery percentage i sent it in.

Now I asked them what the issue was because even a genuine charger would stop charging the battery after some point and they diagnosed after four days that it’s a battery issue but then how did they charge it when i asked them if it was fully charged before handing it over to me?

It’s infuriating how much they’re making me go back and forth for a charging issue when everything else is working fine on my macbook


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Usually what I look for in these types of repairs (assuming the computer is still running) is unresponsiveness, frequent unexpected shutdowns, confusion on key inputs, etc,. These type of issues are "Logic Board" related. However MacBook's are never wrong when the "Replace Battery" message comes up.

A simple test that will prove it this is a logic board issue is running the Macbook without the battery on the MagSafe charger. If the Mac can successfully run without any issues its a battery NOT YOUR LOGIC BOARD!

Alongside what @brady8812 has suggested on replacing the battery first, is the issue. I wouldn't mess with the Logic Board, as you found out they aren't cheap to replace and install.

Good Luck!

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