Model A1312 / Mid 2011 / 2.7 & 3.1 GHz Core i5 or 3.4 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac12,2

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21.5" and 27" parts compatibility


Bit of a odd question but going to ask anyway.

I have a Mid 2011 IMac 21.5" i5, 4gb ram, radeon 6750M. A few months ago I picked up a mid 2011, 27" iMac carcas with working display for a project. Just wanted to know how compatible are the parts between the 21.5" and 27" iMacs of the same year? I know the video cards have more memory but are there any other differences?

Just wondering if I could strip the 21.5" and move all parts across to the 27" .

Thanks in advance for you replies.

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Some of the sub modules are the same as in the case of the SATA drives HDD, SSD & optical as well as the RAM is the same. Some of the metal pieces & screws are and thats about it.

If you are asking if you can move the logic board over sorry no.

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Thanks. Thats all I need to know.


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