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Why is my 18spd bike staying in 6th gear unless I hold the shifter?

I was riding my bike this morning and i got off to walk it through some debris to avoid a flat. All was fine until i got back on and noticed the twist shifter would roll itself to 6th gear unless i shifted to a lower gear and held it in place for the entire ride.

Any ideas? Just a loose cable perhaps?

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Hold the wheel off the ground, crank it by hand, and shift all gears from High to Low.

You are testing from slack cable to tight cable.


-No- Check for chain-shifter problems and adjust all cable fittings.

-Yes- Hold the wheel off the ground, crank it by hand, and shift all gears from Low to High.

-Now you are testing from tight cable to slack cable.


---No- Replace the worn-out twist-shifter. It is un-able to hold the cable tension.

---Yes- This tells us you weigh too much ! or... maybe the chain is stretched.

Note: Old-school cables would quickly lose their 'stretch' for lack of oil.

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True regarding weight. I believe the suggted height weight max for this cheapo was 5'10 & 180. I guess 6'2 & 215 was a bit too much.

Someone suggested taking the shifter apart and flushing with wd40 but apparentlybits not meant to be taken apart. Ended busting a clip trying to put it back together.

So now im stuck with one gear but i can still adjust the derailleurs if i need to switch. Luckily its stuck on the mid-sprocket, 4th gear which is the one i use most often.


You can ride the Cheapos until the wheels wobble. Then it will auto-magically disintegrate. Read your warranty. ;>)

You need to shop for an All-metal, Dual-lever shifter. Mine mounted above the top forks bearing. Out-of-the-way & easy to adjust & no problems.

Ask the old fellow at the bike shop.

Also, Be extra careful when you stand up and pedal !


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