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Is it still safe to charge my iP6s after I dropped it in water?

I accidentally dropped my iPhone 6s in the pool but I managed to wipe it quickly. It didn’t took me a minute to make it dry. But I wasn’t sure if the charginf port is still wet but I think it is still wet. I was panicking if it won’t charge but it does, it is charging perfectly. After an hour or two, when I unplugged my charger, there is something black in my charger. I managed to get rid of some but there are still something rust-like black thingy in my charger. And then when I smelled the charging port, it doesn’t seem good. It’s like a smell of something burning or idk, it’s strange. But when I plug the charger, it’s really fine. But can you help me??? Is it still safe to plug my charger? Please help I’m kinda panicking. I’m still not plugging my charger until now.

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dont plug in the charger and dont attempt to turn it on, take it to a repair shop to have it ultrasonic cleaned, have the charge port replaced aswell

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Even if it’s charging perfectly? It must go for a check up?


it might charge ok now but there could be water inside the phone and cause damage later on. if you can open the phone to check if its wet inside


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