There are several types of PowerBook G4 Aluminum models.

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Lower memory slot failure.

Hi! Does anybody know the cause of lower memory slot failure (PowerBook g4 A1095)?

One man said it because the north bridge burning and he can replace it with new one .... Any ideas? Thank you!

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Do you want to know the cause or the work around? The last three letters of your serial number will tell us your exact machine. What RAM chips do you have for this machine?


I have to chips Hynix DDR 333 1G. But my powerbook don't recognize the lower memory slot. It's widely known problem. So I have 1G as a result. ;-(


PC2700U .... from about this mac


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I have found on some of these "bad slot machines" that a lesser RAM chip will work when the higher ones will not. I've been able to install 512 k chips in slots that no longer will take the 1 GB chips and its worked fine. Other just won't take anything. It's worth a try if you have the old original chips lying around.

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I tried 256 Mb DRR from my old hp (unfortunately i haven't got the original chip) and no result


Did you try the HP RAM in both slots to see if it works at all?


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