My Android LG died, now it wont charge or turn on.

Hello! Can you help me fix my phone?

Recently I dropped my phone on our hard tile floor--without a case--but it still worked fine. I actually played on it until it died. After it died, it was pretty late so I went to sleep after leaving it on the charger, which hadn't given me any problems. That next morning, I unplugged it and it wouldn't turn on at all. I plugged it in again, and a screen showing an empty battery with "0%" on it appeared. I was familiar with the screen, but was confused since I had left it on the charger for at least 9 hours straight.

It usually takes around 2-3 hours for it's battery to be full. We have a cat that chews wires, so I checked and there was a tear in the cord, but that had been there before and the cord had still worked. I even tried my sisters charger for the next 5 hours, with no luck.

Maybe you can help me? To sum it up, my phone died and now it won't charge or power on. The cord is not the problem, it still works for my other devices.

Here's a description of the phone:

-It's a black android

-The power button and volume buttons are on the back, with a camera among them, all "stacked" in the center of the top half of the phone.

-It has a 3 ringed logo just below the buttons, and the speaker is located on the bottom left of the phone.

-It also has the LG logo at the very bottom in the middle, to the right of the speaker.

-You CAN remove the battery, by removing the rubbery plastic on the back of the phone.

-This June 3rd I will have had it for one year. Plus the original cord.

I have tried taking the battery out to adjust the coppery prongs that connect it to the phone, which didn't work.

I have left it on multiple chargers for longer than needed, which did not work either...

I tried the combination of holding the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button down for a few seconds, which didn't work?

I don't mean to sound defeated if I do, but this is entirely frustrating. Can you please help me?

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Hi @helloteagan ,

Is there a label under the battery?

It should have the IMEI # and the model # on it.

Having the model number will definitely be a great help


Hi @jayeff! It says the model number is LGL62VL. Sorry for responding so late! Also the battery is a BL-45A1H.


Thank you so much @jayeff! I was kind of iffy about using this site, but now I see that it has reliable professional help. Also, it does not show that the phone is charging whatsoever. Everytime I plug it in or attempt to turn it on that )% screen shows up. Not sure if it helps, but when I do plug it in the clasp that goes inside the phone jiggles a whole lot. Maybe this supports one of your theories? I really can't thank you enough sir!

I also fixed the IMEI problem! Thank you. :) I really am clueless to these kinds of things!


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Hi @helloteagan ,

Did it indicate that it was charging at all?

If not I suspect that there may be a problem with the charge port (USB port) or the charging circuit in the phone.

It was a good sign that it still worked after it was dropped. Hopefully it died just due to a flat battery.

I cannot find a teardown video or guide for your phone as it needs to be opened and inspected as to what may be the problem.

Hopefully it may be something as simple as the USB connector becoming dislodged from the systemboard due to the fall.

If it has you would need SMD (surface mounted device) soldering skills and tools to effect the repair.

I recommend that you contact a reputable, professional mobile phone repair service and ask for a quote.


I suggest that you edit your comment above and remove the IMEI number from the comment. To edit the comment, hover the mouse over the comment and click on edit, remove the information and then click submit. to post the comment again.

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