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A piece of equipment used in the manufacture of semiconductors.

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Needing Spare Parts for this

Do you have any spare parts for this unit or can you tell me where to find some?

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Hine Design has been sold to Brooks Automation (source: http://www.cutthroatconsulting.com/Hine_...).

Given this is a specialized semiconductor process tool, I would contact Brooks (http://www.brooks.com/company/contact-us...) to see if they can help you get spare parts, or an engineering drawing so you can have spare parts made.

It also appears that ebay has some parts for Hine Design wafer transfers. See https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R4.... If you know the exact part you are looking for give this a try, or maybe find a "parts-only" unit and take what you need from it.

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