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Harley-Davidson Sportster Motorcycles from 1986 to Present.

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The motor cycle dies after about 30 seconds

i have a 95 sportster battery is showing 12.5v and a full tank of premium fuel , the bike starts and runs for about 30 sec and dies, i can see the gas spraying but the bike won`t stay running

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If it is a carburettor than most likely it is the idle circuit. Take a look at your filter, is the fuel running through that OK? You might need to pull your carb and give it a thorough clean.


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This sounds like a gas issue , has it been sitting up ? I would check carb , It may be gunk up from sitting with gas in it , if this helps you great , if not reply

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also check fuel flow , it can also be not flowing good , (check for TANK TRASH if flow is not good)


It sat over the winter on a battery tender and had it tuned up before winter, well I took the tank off to paint it which all I dissconnected was the crossover fuel hose that leads from obe side of the tank to the other and the 2 fuel hoses on the petcock I took the petcock off to paint, well when I put it back on the bike and start it, it only runs for about 15-30 seconds I see the fuel spraying in the carb


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