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The Kodak Easyshare Z981 features a 3.0 inch bright LCD screen and 26x optical zoom with a 26mm wide-angle lens. The 14 megapixel resolution makes for vivid prints up to 30x40 inches.

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Can I replace my battery cover on my Easyshare Z981

The latch broke on my Easyshare Z981 battery cover, can it be replaced?

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It can be replaced. Here is a guide for removing the bottom panel and the battery door: Kodak Easyshare Z981 Bottom Panel Replacement

I've not been able to locate a replacement batter door. I would keep an eye out on eBay, as they have lots of EasyShare battery doors - just not the Z981 at this time.

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Great, awesome guide, but I found a door on ebay. Its about 10 bucks more than the camera goes for.


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