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A wide range of repair guides and support for the consumer-grade laptop computer line by Toshiba.

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How can I enable my internet again?

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Block Image

This things is shown whenever i open my PC. This is because i have done something wrong in 'msconfig' or regedit. This was happened unintentionally. I do not know how to enable this again. If somebody know, Please help me.

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registry editor can really break things. do you have a backup of the registry?


No I do not. And I did system restore as I thought It could solute my problem.

I do not care about data loss but this problem should be solved as I need to my internet connection back. If you know any way, please help.


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If you only have a wireless connection then use a Ethernet cable to find out if your settings are not correct.

You did a restore back to some time I suspect not a complete restore so this has not been working for a while or it is not your settings.

The wi fi card in a laptop is a totally different device than the Ethernet port so if you are trying to connect to a wireless network use the troubleshooter to have windows try and resolve this.

Open the action center windows key + A then choose All settings , network and internet. You then have a list of your settings. Choose the connection type and then the trouble shooter.

I have had this after a virus has wrecked my connections and had to use the troubleshooter that reset my Ethernet device or my wireless device, and this has worked.

May be a good idea to down load and run the free Malwarebytes program to see if it finds something.

Finally it is possible your wireless card is hooped but I have not seen this unless you dumped liquid in the computer.

Give us some feed back on what you find and a bit more about your computer/laptop we do not know.


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