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Why is my on call speaker option is disabled after IOS 11.3.1 upgrade?

I got my screen replaced by local vendor and then upgraded the phone after couple of days... since then my on call speaker function isn't working.

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On my experience this is what you can do:

1. Restore to factory setting via iTunes. if still fail then,

2. If you can test another proximity sensor. if still fail then,

3. You will have the next issue.

- Faulty soldering on the Audio IC chip and this can be fixed by the jumper wire - reball method.

A somewhat difficult task if you are not familiar with this type of repair level.

I have fixed 5 phones with this exact same issue, already fixed.

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Bro understand the problem first, I have clearly mentioned that my phone was working fine with replaced screen till I updated to IOS 11.3.1....the issue must be on the software, thus I am expecting some software solution


There is NO software solution


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