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Replacing FPC connector, pins disappeared!


I was changing a digitizer that had been changed again and noticed that some pins were almost ripped off. After testing the new digitizer being happy that everything works smoothly (there were more repairs), when I removed the digitizer to reassemble completely 3 pins of the fpc connector followed the digitizer :/ .

After some searching for the appropriate flux and heat protection tape (Greece's market on this parts is extremely low, they had only plumbers flux) I started the repair.

I've been stuck at a point though.


Two pins on the logic board are like they disappeared after moving the soldering iron across the pins.

See links bellow.


Exhibit A

Exhibit B

What's my next move?



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Check these images.

They give an indication where the missing pads are connected.

Solder a new connector then make a jumper from the connector to a test point on the back of the board or a nearby component.

Block Image

Block Image

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Thanks for the info!

The first picture confuses me a bit. Were do I connect what?? At any point of the highlighted ones I can connect the missing pin of the pad?

For the second picture I will use a thin wire to connect the pin of the pad to the back of the board?(or any other highlighted components)

Sorry if my questions are a bit off, I lack the appropriate experience for this kind of microelectronics repair but I don’t have another solution than to fix it my self.



The points in red <=> highlighted are all connected so you can use a thin wire to connect to any of them. We like to use the test points on the back of the board, but you can do whatever you like as long as it works.


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