Turns off after first logo. boot loops if charging.

Phone does not boot to system or recovery but does boot to download mode. however if I disconnect the display, which is a bit cracked but worked before, the phone boots fine, because I can see it in my windows pc if I connect the usb cable, but after a couple of minutes it reboots or turns off and only has red light.

I tested with another battery result is the same.

The area between lcd connector and power button pins heats a lot.

I have a little bench power supply (max 2A) and connected the phone with it to see amperage draw, the phone shuts off when it goes a little over 1.5A don't know what is the maximum that the phone consumes before shutting off... but without the display I've seen the phone consume around 1.7A.

So will a new display correct the problem or I have some issue with an IC?


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