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The ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 is a 9.7-inch tablet in the ZenPad line released by ASUS in October 2015. Model: P027.

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Why won't my LCD turn on?

I replaced my LCD and digitizer with a set from eBay.

When turned on, the buttons at the bottom will light up, but nothing will appear on the screen. When plugged into a computer, the computer will recognize it with its customary BING, so I know something's happening in there. I can't connect it to the computer because I can't get past the screen lock since I can't see it to unlock, but I know it's on because the computer finds it.

Just, no LCD.

Defective LCD? Or maybe I did something wrong with I installed? I've reseated all the flex cables several times, even took it all apart and put it back together to see if I missed anything, and I get the same results.



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They sent me a new LCD, and that does not work either! Are the flex cables busted? How can I tell? Not sure where else it could be.


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Hey bud, it sounds to me like a defective lcd. Did you eye it up against the old one to ensure it is an exact match? The only other thing is the flex cables, do they clip in to fpc connectors or do the push in and flip a clip over them? (I have worked on many tablets but not your model unfortunately) if it is a push in and clip over, make sure it is pushed in all the way, there is normally a white line as a guide so you know how far it goes in. And always make sure the battery is disconnected else you could cause more damage.

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The LCD seems to be an exact match.

Flex cables, push in and clip over. I pulled the white clipover things and then pushed them down after I pushed in the flex cables and tried this several times. They seem to be pretty plush.

And... I pulled out the battery before working on them every time.

Thanks for your help! Looks like a defective LCD. I always think it's my fault before blaming the part but in this case I don't know if there's anything I didn't wrong.

The company has agreed to send me a new one, so now I'll really find out if it's the LCD or me. :)

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Why won't my Asus ZenPad tablet apps turn on it's been stuck for few days now.

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