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Released in June 2017 as a successor to the Surface Pro 4. Also known as Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3". Model number: FJT-00001.

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Using Surface Pro 4 (1724) LCD screen to replace Surface Pro 5 (1796)


I have a Surface Pro 5 with a cracked screen. I also have a Surface Pro 4 LCD laying around and wanted to know whether I could use the LCD for Surface Pro 4 to replace this screen. The connectors look very similar in pictures, but I can’t open it up to find out as I would prefer to use what I have until I’m ready to spend $230 for a new screen...

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Never mind. Found the answer. Thank you

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So, what's the answer? I would love to know if they're compatible.


No way. The cable hookups are in different locations.


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The answer is you cannot use a Surface Pro 4 on a Surface Pro 5. The cables for the LCD and N-Trig chip are different.

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