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Radio changes channels when turning

I have a 2004 Mazda3 with 105K miles. When I turn right the radio changes channels and the turn signal does not turn off. Any ideas?

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I would say you have a short in the steering wheel causing the contacts on the hand controls to change the radio. There is also a circuit that should cut out the turn signal, but will not perhaps due to some chaffed wires.

It could be as simple as replacing the parts that control the radio and the turn signal switch.

However, if these two problems are related, you will need to remove the cover on the steering column and maybe even the steering wheel to find the short.

Be careful to disconnect power to the airbag before you try to pull the steering wheel.

Let us know,


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Wow that last answer is a whopper there is normally a micro switch that has started to go bad normally on the face of the radio could be the wheel control an easy way to tell is to click all of the buttons on the radio and feel the way they react the ones you use the least will be real springy and click if they are wearing out they will not have as much of a spring the fix well a direct replacement is the fastest and the least expensive if you are good with soldering you can re-place the switch most can be bought from MCM electronics

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If you don't like the answer, down vote it. If you have a better answer, give it to us. If you can, link us to your MCM electronics that would help. If you have punctuation on your keyboard, use it. Just sayin'


mark, you only get to be snarky around here AFTER you have established a positive reputation and you have none


I actually like his answer minus the cracking wise. A micro switch is a good thought. I suppose I could have done more research on the matter.


I would blame the clock spring system in the steering wheel before the microswitch, in that it is more prevalent when turning.


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