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Help I think my iPhone’s LCD is broken

Hi guys. My iphones screen looks fine it has no cracks except for the ones on my tempered glass. But when I’m typing or scrolling my phone just freezes and stops then I need to lock and unlock for it to work again. I’ve dropped it multiple times and I think it’s because of a lose screw. This happened before for a few weeks then it became okay now it’s back again. What do I do? Does it have something to do with charging it over night? Or because of other reasons? Please help because i don’t have enough spare money to buy a new phone =(

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Is this the original screen or has it been repaired/replaced in the past?

The first thing to try would be a new replacement screen, preferably one that is known-good or at least a higher quality screen (not cheap eBay stuff). All of the circuitry that controls the touch is embedded within the screen so a new screen should solve the problem.

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It’s the original screen. You think my lcd is really broken? Getting it fixed is expensive here in my country ☹️


Start by reseating all of the connectors related to the screen. If that doesn't work, then maybe a repair shop can try a screen to see if it works. The problem with smartphones is that you need parts to properly troubleshoot issues. At some point, someone has to invest time or parts (money) to figure things out.


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It’s also worth looking into replacing the battery. Due to recent updates, iPhones with older batteries (high number of charge counts) begin to suffer performance issues and can be very buggy. I’ve seen battery replacements resolve quite a few issues in the 6s and 6s plus.

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Good point...and btw, I always get startled by your avatar; it's a bit creepy in some weird way. Like a big eyeball :>).


Really? It’s about the screen though. Is it somehow related? And you know typing is quite a struggle


It can be a factor with some issues. It’s most likely directly related to the screen , but I wanted to offer additional info in case it was helpful. I’ve seen lots of issues resolved by replacing the batteries after these latest updates. I think the latest update(iOS 11.3.1) actually made the battery issues less prevalent, but it’s worth looking into.


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