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My controllers won't connect wirelessly.

At first I thought it was a problem with the controller so I bought a new one. But even the new controller won't connect. It works if I keep them tethered with the usb but as soon as I unplug them they start blinking and after a few seconds turn off. If I try to turn them back on they just blink for a bit and turn off again.

Also it has a problem finding any Wi-Fi connections at all, not sure if that's related or not though.

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Both are Sony model no. cechzc2u. And the router is upstairs directly over my room and my laptop doesn't even register a drop in signal quality.


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More than likely its the Bluetooth/wi-fi board. I've run into this a couple of times with mine but it was just the ribbon cable going to it. I've had mine apart a couple of times (replaced the blue-ray drive) and also borrowed the Power supply for testing on another system. If your comfortable trying to fix it yourself take it apart and mess with the cable first. After that try replacing the board, not really sure if theres a good way to test the board itself. But the wi-fi issues your having also point to that one board.

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I'll check that, I had it open when I first got it because it was having issues starting up. I think it was just a bad connection, possibly loose or dirty, but after cleaning it up and reassembling it came on no problem, well except for the lack of controller and wi-fi issue.


I missed the ribbon cable under the board.


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My contorller isnt turning on, it just blinks then the flashing stops.

I just got it too.I tried charging it until its full charged but it just blinks and my ps3 is on when i do that.

This might have something to do with it,its model no. is CECHZC2U

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