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MacBook Pro 15" A1226 wrong serial number

My MacBook Pro 15" A1226 shows up with a wrong serial number. This serial does NOT match the Modell, it shows up as a newer unibody model from 2009.

The serial printed inside the battery cavity DOES match as a 2,2 Ghz, ( original) 2 GB RAM, 128 MB NVRAM nVidia graphics model.

I am aware of the fact that the upper case or logic board are swapable.

You could change the serial with the blank board serializer but only when it is blank and not already having a number.

maybe this is a side effect with a non-charging battery or a malfunctioning PRAM chip?

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More likely someone mis-programed the S/N. Did you have the logic board replaced?

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oh well..no, I got it as a present so I dont know if somebody did that. I did a complete teardown and it looked very dusty inside, complete with all the original orange stickers still in there, so board swapping, guess not.


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