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The Asus Q551L is a 2 in 1 device released in 2014 by Windows. The screen is 15.6" and the device comes with a 2 GHz Intel Core i7 processor.

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Why won't my Asus hold a charge?

The Asus won't hold a battery charge. How can this be remedied?

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Hi @lawanddisorder5 ,

The battery is probably failing and needs to be replaced. Even rechargeable batteries have a lifespan.

Here is a link to a video which shows how to replace the DC-In jack on your model laptop.

I realize that this is not the problem with your laptop, however the video is useful as it shows how to open the laptop and how to remove the battery. At 47 seconds into the video the battery can be seen being removed.

If you search online using the battery model number + battery in the search box of your browser, you'll get results for suppliers of the battery, e.g. B31N1402 battery.

The model number can be found on the battery. I think that it is B31N1402 but not quite sure. Check what is written on yours to make sure whether this is correct or not.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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