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Model M6497 or A1005 / 500, 600, 700, 800, or 900 MHz G3 processor

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Dropped, Now won't restart, Can't find hard Disk. Replace Disk?

After dropping this ibook while is was doing a copy, it will startup, but stop when it cannot find the hard disk. The screen lights, but the famous ? shows. I have run the hardware test from the utilities (using the system CD) and the hard disk can't be found. I presume that what I need to do is replace the hard disk drive. Are there other possibilities I should consider?

If replacing the drive is the conclusion, I assume that it needs to be an ATA drive.Thanks in advance for your counsel.

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Many thanks. I will check connections, etc. Will respond more completely in a couple days - busy here.


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If dropped while writing there is a good chance the drive heads were damaged and you would need to replace the drive. First I would open it up and check for a loose connection of some kind. If not I would replace the hard drive--use this as a opportunity to install a larger drive. Good luck

iBook G3 12" Hard Drive Replacement


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Specifically check the connection to the logic board for your hard drive. That can unseat itself pretty easily during a drop.


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