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Replaced iPhone 6S Plus charging assembly

Hello, I recently replaced the charging and auxiliary port assembly on my iPhone 6s plus using third party replacements parts. After replacement, the charging port works (the reason I replaced to begin with) however my auxiliary port plays out only the right half of the output. Is this due to a loose connector or faulty part? I've already tried wiggling the aux cord around to try and get contact for full audio but I don't even hear a partial buzz to indicate it's possible. Thanks!

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Chances are the part is faulty. Aftermarket chargeports have a high defect rate, as so many functions are controlled by this flex. I recommend purchasing an original flex off ebay that was pulled from a working iphone. I've never had any issues with a used original part.

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%#*@! I had guessed that was the case, I didn't even know their was a market for used parts though so I'll look into it, thanks man!


No problem! Doesn't hurt to double check and make sure your aux cord works fine with other devices


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