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10 MP camera with 20x wide angle optical image stabilized zoom. Released in December 2008.

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Is there anyway to remove burst batteries if I can't open the door?

I had my camera in storage for a couple of years and didn't realize I left batteries in it. It seems like one or more of them leaked causing the battery door to stick shut. Is there anyway to dismantle the camera and repair it?

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Gently tap the battery door with the back of a screwdriver. The stuff running out of leaky batteries is very briddle, it wil probably crumble when you tap it. The batteries might be a bit swollen due to the corrosion, so the battery springs don’t push the bateries out. Could be a bit of hassle, but I think you’l manage.

Cleaning the corrosive fluid inside the camera is the bigger challenge, it might have done some damage. If not, stop it from doing so by cleaning the contacts with alcohol.

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