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MacBook Pro 17 inch will not boot up

My MacBook Pro 17 inch will not boot up. I already have replaced the battery and the charger, still no results. The only time it will boot up temporarily, is when I unseat and reseat the battery cable to the motherboard (battery is removable).

The laptop will boot up on its own then there is a light blue screen and a bar on the screen showing the laptop booting up. Then the wallpaper shows up like normal, but will then shut down again and cannot restart the laptop.

I reset the SMC per the previous instructions, the laptop was able to boot up normally and stayed on until I shut it down, but would not turn back on. There is no noise, the laptop runs quiet, the fans are clean and run quiet and the laptop itself is clean inside.

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So it will start if you reset the SMC overtime?


Correct. I reset the SMC and then it boots up and stays on with no issues. When I shut the Laptop down, it will not restart. I would have to reset the SMC to restart the Laptop.


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Hello, an old machine like this needs a service. Clean out the fan grills. And apply NEW thermal paste to the cpu and gpu chips.

If theres no thermal paste i.e its dried out. The machine won’t boot!

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