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An 11.6" touchscreen tablet and a Full HD laptop by Sony. It was released in 2012.

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Vaio Duo 13 wont turn on


I am using a Sony VAIO Duo 13"

when coming to use it earlier today, the Laptop wont turn on.

tried to:

1. press the power button for 5 mins.

2. disconnect peripherals and AC adapter --> cleaning --> reconnecting

I noticed that the Indicator Led will only turn on for a few seconds after Adapter reconnection.

when trying to turn on, it work for a few seconds (showed VAIO technical issues Entrance) and then shut down.

3. tried pressing the Battery Off button for 5 seconds.

a. what do you think is wrong?

b. do you think it is the battery?

c. Is it possible to retrieve the DATA from the SSD and recover it on another laptop?

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Sounds like a power issue. You might try pressing the ASSIST button.

If you can get the SSD out of the laptop, you can connect it to another computer and get the data off of it. Here is a really handy device for doing just that:


This device will work if your SSD is m-SATA.

Or, you could simply mount the SSD directly into another computer.

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Thank you for your advice.

I tried hitting the assist button, it started to turn on and then turned off again right after the VAIO logo appeared. Does it imply as of the source of the problem?

As of the other solution (=retreiving the data), I will add that we are talking about an B&M KEY M.2 SSD (not m-sata).

I did find some B&M M.2 to SATA or B&M M.2 to USB3 adapters. but I'm not sure how to proceed from that point.

If I use such an adapter, will I be able to boot the PC it will be pluged to from the SSD itself?

if so, how do I do that? (if you know of a tutorial that will be appreciated)


I believe your computer has a power problem. The fact that it turns off very soon after you turn it on confirms this.

Get an adapter which exactly matches your SSD. If it converts to USB, you can plug it in as an external drive.

Here are some possible adapters that you can look at:


You will need to install the SSD as an internal drive if you want to boot the computer to that drive. However, unless the other computer is identical to this computer, you will need to reinstall at least some of the drivers.


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