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Model A1312 / Mid 2011 / 2.7 & 3.1 GHz Core i5 or 3.4 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac12,2

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Duel Samsung 860 EVO Running RAID Zero in newer iMacs possible?

Hello, and good day!

I have my iMac 2011 27” Running 2 Samsung 250 GB 860 EVO SSD’s

Running RAID 0 and it’s kick ass!!

I love it so much that I’d like to do something similar with the updated model.

Which 27” iMac model will work here?

  • 2012-2015 i7 3.4 MHz
  • Be the best bang for the buck?
  • Retina is a must or 5K
  • Memory doesn’t matter as
  • Update it myself only if Possible
  • Video card two gigs or better
  • Drive doesn’t matter as I will

Upgrade on my end..

And lastly how much you think I can get on my set up already as I’m going to use the proceeds to fund my new project?

  • 2011 iMac Intel i5 3.1 MHz
  • AMD 1 GB Graphics card
  • 24 GB of memory
  • 2 Samsung 250 GB 860 EVO SSD’s
  • Running in Raid 0 500 GB total
  • Running Sierra

Is still not officially supported that’s a whole Other matter Lol..

ATT: Dan Please feel free to jump in. As you were the reason I started this Project.

Thanks in advance.


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Sadly, you really can’t run RAID internally with the 2012 and newer iMac’s. The reason is they don’t have dual I/O ports which run at the same data rate which is a requirement for RAID to work well.

But you could use an external RAID drive subsystem via Thunderbolt2 or 3 (depending on the model)

The best option for I/O speed internally is going with the new iMac Pro there you have a dual channel all setup and is doing RAID 0.

Basically, you have the best iMac for internal RAID now! While it’s only SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) it still smokes! Save your pennies for the iMac Pro ;-}

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Thank you so much for your honesty


Sorry its not what you wanted to hear.


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iMac mid 2011, try to do fusion drive Samsung 860 EVO - error, don’t work, try to do additional driver to CD-ROM cable, sometime iMac see SSD sometimes fully missing, so i spent 2-3 days, than i thought SSD broken, check it for all test on another PC computer all work well, try again iMac - no result don’t work and all. So i have do conclusion iMac mid 2011 27 inch don’t work with new samsung 860 EVO 250GB , by the way still work my fusion drive at my old 250GB Samsung EVO 840.

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