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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone, the Galaxy S8+. Released in April 2017.

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Not able to connect to cell network

I have Samsung Galaxy S8+ that is not able to connect to the cell network. I tried different SIM cards and behavior is same. The phone is not blacklisted. The phone is the international version.

I was able to open the phone and checked for any loose connections, but everything looks fine. What part/board is responsible for connecting to cell network or is there specific cable that I should check?

Added: I am in Canada with cell provider - Fido. My phone worked OK for 11 months. I tried reseting networks and doing full factory reset, but that did not help. The phone is international version and Samsung Canada and Samsung USA said there is no warranty on it, so I need to repair it myself.

Based on videos posted on this website, I have no problems disassembling phone - I can follow video instructions, but I have no idea how inside of the phone works.. I already opened backcover of the phone.

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Which carrier is it and which country are you in?


I am in Canada with Fido. I talked to my provider and they assured me that there are no issues with my account and no blocking from their side. Phone worked without any issues for 11months and then one day lost cell connection.


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Try this:

Restart your phone

Go to Settings>General Management and select Reset

Select Reset Network Settings

Test the network connection

If you still cannot connect to the Network go to Settings>Connections>Mobile Networks

Select Nework Mode and switch to WCDMA/GSM

Then select Network Operators and tap Search Networks

When the search is complete, select your Carrier and test the network connection

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I tried all that, including afterwards doing a FULL factory reset with the same results - no network connection.

Just to add - my workplace is right under cell antenas. If I put my cellphone on the table, after few minutes it looks like it connects to the cell network, but if I'll move the phone or if I'll try to start browser, connection to cell will show less bars, then less, then no network connection.


@vivivi I'm having the same issue. Were you able to solve it eventually?

I replaced the charge port on a samsung s8 and now can't connect to the cell network. I imagine I may have damaged something, but I don't know what.


I am having the same issue as Ryan. I replaced the daughter board and battery after the phone tried to over head and explode and it fried the charging port. now it won't connect to the cell network, the headphone jack does not work, and it will still not charge via the cable port. I can charge wirelessly and the phone works on wifi, but that doesn't help with making calls and sending texts when i'm not at home! Can anyone help?! did the overheating and frying of the charging port do more damage than what was visible?!



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