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The Maxima was redesigned for the 2009 model year and made its debut at the 2008 New York International Auto Show.

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Possible reasons my car will not go forward or backwards

I have a 2010 nissan maxima the other day it started running really rough and through the following check engine codes:

P0014, P0024, P0171

I was able to resolve the P0171 by cleaning the Mass Air Flow sensor with the appropriate cleaner. After doing so it ran better but was still running rough however i tried to make it home (8 miles). I was 2 miles away and when accelerating from a stop sign the car totally gave up and rolled into the shoulder. It was at this point i called tow truck. While waiting for the tow truck my car battery died and lights were flashing on and off over and over. I was now thinking maybe the problem is the battery. Today i replaced the battery went to test it out and the car wouldn't accelerate. I am left scratching my head.

  1. the car starts right up.
  2. In park the engine revs rpms respond
  3. when attempting to drive rpm does not go past 3000 +/-
  4. When going in forward/reverse it moves a little but no force the slightest hill it cannot defeat.
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I'm having g this same problem with my Nissan altima 2010.


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Hi Joe,

To me it sounds like your car put itself into what's called "Limp Mode." It basically is trying to make itself survive from blowing itself up. The scan codes P0014, and P0024; both relate to the VVT (Variable-Valve Timing) system in your car. I am thinking that your car may have jumped a tooth ahead on its timing chain and is causing the car to forcibly adjust itself backward, putting itself in Limp Mode. This could be preventing your CVT transmission from working properly. I would just ask your mechanic for further advice and estimates on cost.

Best of Luck,


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Its you trans cvt trans are nothing but trash had a maxima same year as yours same problem.

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