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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Mac address change after logic board swap = wifi connection issue


I'm having problems with wifi connectivity. Recently i've swapped out the logic board which seemed to work fine, I reset SMC and NVRAM to bring it back to speed (it had slowed considerably after the swap, but a reset of the NVRAM fixed this issue) but now have run into a problem I don't know how to take any further: with the swap the serial number as well as the mac address have changed, but the problem is that in my home network I cannot connect to the wifi any longer. I do not have problems connecting to a new wifi network, but it seems the mac address change is causing issues with known networks. So far i've tried only my home network as a known network.

Now, I've deleted all login info for the network and rejoined it a few times now but no joy. I'm thinking there is a possible conflict with the old mac address. But why would there be? The router is not set filtering mac addresses, nor should the ISP be. I read about changing the mac address manually, i guess i could give this a try, but it would only make sense with the old number...wich i don't know where to find anymore.

Hm. Any thoughts welcome. Thanks

Update (06/23/2018)

OK, so, replacement board is in, all working fine... except the WiFi connection at home. I'm a little bit stumped on how to proceed. Wifi DOES work at other location. What I've tried so far is:

On the Mac:

  • Created new Location
  • Deleted wifi home connection in the network settings and keychains
  • Cleared out SystemConfiguration files / rebooted
  • * updated to latest OS High Sierra (was not working in previous Sierra after board swap, still not working)
  • Renewed leases on every step

On the router:

  • Changed SSID & Password
  • Set no password
  • Changed DHCP number (because i can)
  • Different devices connect fine to the same router (iphones & macbook)
  • Can not change wifi channel its a 2,4 GHZ model only / its a provider branded router with minimal configuration options (o2 6341 - germany)

When trying to connect i get two types of messages:

  • WiFi requires WPA2 password / invalid password (password IS correct / also changed it as a test)
  • Something like move closer to router (I'm sitting right next to it)

So, all told, I don't know what else to try. My hunch is it has to do with the changed board (mac address) as it occured at the same time, which might be a coincidence, but then it might not. I guess the next thing I could try, do a complete new install without a restore and test it that way.

Any other suggestions would be most welcome.


Update (06/08/2018)

Meanwhile, after a re-install of the os and some more fiddling (adding these proxy settings *.local, 169.254/16) and AGAIN editing 'locations' today i had some connectivity to the home router but it would drop continuously and re-assign itself. Pings would take a very long time and browsing the internet was not possible due to dropping connection.

Where can i go from here?

Not having much luck so far. What is odd i think is that my mac address only has numbers, no letters. Could that make the router reject the connection? Hmm. I've reset the router, no joy.

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The MAC address is a Hex decimal number which use the numbers 0 ~ 9 & the letters A, B, C, D & F. While rare it is still quite possible to get a board which is numbers only. Here's a listing of assigned vendor addresses Apple uses: Apple assigned Vendor Addresses. As you can see looking at the list alone Apple has made quite a lot of systems!

Here's a breakout of the numeric only Apple Vender ID's:

002241, 002500, 002608, 003065, 000393, 041552, 042665, 045453, 000502, 006171, 008865, 080007, 086698, 087402, 087045, 182032, 183451, 186590, 18F643, 283737, 341298, 403004, 440010, 503237, 600308, 606944, 609217, 680927, 701124, 705681, 748114, 804971, 842999, 843835, 844167, 848506, 885395, 907240 & 949426

Now you would add to this the burnt in address (BIA) which is unique to each system it to would be 6 Hex Decimal digits in length.

So your MAC address would need to be using one of these Vender ID's and a numbers only for your BIA.


Thanks Dan, thats interesting info. My board has one of the numbers listed. So, that's good then. Moving on to next possible cause.


@cito - review my update in my answer below.


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Changing the router resolved the issue for me.

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@cito I think you’re now facing a pinched or bad antenna cable. Take a look at your antenna connections, are the connectors loose either on the board or the crimped on connection to the wire (shielded) also check the location where the cable passes under the logic board as well as where they are routed as seen here:

Block Image

Update (07/05/2018)

At this point I think you’ll need to get a replacement AirPort board to see if thats bad.

Otherwise the only thing left is something is bad on the logic board connections to the Airport board. While not obvious the Bluetooth part of the board connects to the logic board via an internal USB bus and the WiFi part connects using a PCIe lane directly to the PCH chip.

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Thanks Dan, i will check this again and see if there is an improvement.


Thanks for your help, Dan. This would have indeed been my next test...but as it turns out now, after all this time, the router was the issue. I ended up resetting the router to factory presets and after that couldn't get online any longer, so after a bit of back and forth, my provider sent me a new router that has solved the issue for me. This sounds like the easy way out and it feels like it, I'm only sorry i didn't get to this point earlier. Why my AIR couldnt connect while my PRO and phones could...anyone's guess!

Thanks everyone for their help.


Thats OK, often times it's the simplest thing that gets you in the end!

Don't forget to score & accept the answer.


...will do, once i figure out how! :)


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An easy way I would check if its your WIFI or a problem with the machine is try to boot into network recovery using your home WIFI.


When you see the spinning globe it will give you a list of networks, select your home one and enter the passwords. if you eventually see the recovery screen then your laptop is fine and I would recommend a reinstall.

A change in mac address etc shouldn't mean a problem at all at the end of the day its technically just a "new mac" and should connect to your WIFI straight away all I can think is there is some software issue.

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Ok, thank you, that sounds like a good plan. I will try if this works for me. Yes, i'm with you there, a change in mac address shouldn't mean a problem with the wifi. So this is curious to me indeed.


No problem let me know how you get on.


Hi Lewis, so i booted into network recovery and after selecting the wifi and putting in the password it seemed to have connected (returned to spinning globe screen with the wifi bars showing), but after waiting for it to download the os something like ten minutes it timed out giving me the 'apple.com/support -2002F' error. It did look like it had a connection initially, so i took this as a good sign, but it also didn't really help. I ended up re-insalling the os from my original clone i had made, as i had updated the Sierra OS before developing this particular problem. No luck though, of course.

Apart from this wifi issue, a trackpad / keyboard problem started to develop which i'm relating to the replacement logic board being 'faulty', one of the sockets on the board had a broken zif connector arm that locks down the cable. So, I'm hoping i can get a replacement and try again.

Once / if i get another board I will update my post to let you know what happened.

Thanks for your time




Hm that is weird.... however if the board is faulty anyway i wouldn't try any more diagnostics until you receive your replacement. May i ask your source for the logic board ?

One thing i would also double check when replacing the new board is that the cables shown in step 4 of this guide below are secure and are not damaged. also was your Bluetooth okay ?

MacBook Air 13" Mid 2013 AirPort/Bluetooth Card Replacement


Actually, yes the Bluetooth was ok. While the Wifi wasn't doing its job i connected the Bluetooth to my phone hotspot connection to get internet access as a test. But your tip with the cables is worth checking, as i felt the connector 'pods' were not so easy to reseat on the card. Well, lets see what happens.

To answer your question, I've bought the board off this site ifixit, but they have been good: today they've sent out another board to me even before I have returned their faulty board to make sure it works. Hope it does.


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