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Tablet screen not displaying, but working with HDMI


My Switch system works with my TV screen, but the tablet does not display image. The touch and everything works fine, except that the screen only lights up in black (not the same state as if it were turned off). I'm assuming this is a hardware issue and not a software one since it works perfectly on HDMI. Specifically, I suspect the LCD component's cable is loose or the LCD component itself is broken.

Would you all be able to help me diagnose the specific problem? I am not familiar with how a broken LCD behaves, does it still shine light but only black light like mine? Is it just the LCD ribbon cable that is loose? Or might it be a software issue?

I've seen LCD replacements on ebay and I have seen videos and guides on the replacement, so it should not be a problem to replace it. However, I want to make sure the LCD is the issue before purchasing a replacement.



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Without having had a lot of time to work on a switch myself recently I can't be sure, but it sounds like your analysis is spot on.

The description of your problem pretty much rules out all problems except the screen and cable.

As the screen gives a solid black color instead of a weird color scheme or pattern I believe it to be fine, and the culprit to be the cable, but it might be easier replacing the whole thing anyway. that is up to you.

I woud suggest trying to find a replacement cable first and seeing if you can get it working with just that. Make sure you read through the full teardown here on Ifixit. While the switch does have some repairability, it's still easy to tear those ribbon cables (even they did it).

good luck on your repair, and I hope you'll get your switch working again in no time!

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I was looking at this video which goes straight for the screen instead of tearing bits and pieces apart as in the full teardown (which was very useful nonetheless, BTW)


It seems like the task needs precision and extreme care, which I agree I should avoid. Since the LCD's ribbon cable is a part of the LCD component, I would not be able to replace that on it's own. Therefore, I am going to try to get access to the ribbon cable to see if reconnecting it helps. If it does not, I will go ahead and purchase the LCD.

Thank you for your answer!


Sounds like you have a game plan, good luck!


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Seems that you need new lcd

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