GPU Kernel Panic, can't find C9560 in schematic

Hello guys, I have the following problem, I downloaded the schematic and de .brd file for my MacBook Pro Mid 2010, the model is A1286 and the motherboard number is 820-2565-A.

The thing is, opening the .brd file in Boardview, I immediately find C9560, but when I look in my PDF called A1286-820-2565-A, I can't find capacitor C9560, is like the model between the PDF and the brd don't match.

If I have the 2010 MBP, it does have the kernel panic and it does have the GT 330M GPU ¿Is it granted to have C9560 working at 2.0V and 330uf? I ask because if this spec varies I don't know what capacitor to buy.

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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