Screen turns black after 10 minutes, will not wake up

Hi there,

Odd problem with 27" iMac mid 2010. The customer chipped it in, screen turns black although Mac is still running, no wake up possible. ASD says: Replace the LED driver board.

Did so, everything is fine. The customer being on holiday, I had the opportunity to 'torture' the thing nonstop for a week: all programs running + youtube videos -> not a single failure.

After a week of usage, the poor Sir brings it back -> 'Same as it ever was ' ( Talking Heads )

Now ASD says: Video controller failure ( Test #3 - #12 open GL )

So whats this now? Logic board or video card? Repairable or scrapyard?

Thanx for helpful comments.

Kind regards from Krautland

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Oh c'mon! Not a single word? Poppop, scracklescrackle, screech...: Mayer, ve heff a problm!


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