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The Epson L200 is an all-in-one color inkjet printer, copier, faxer, and scanner.

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Didn't filled all Ink colors at the first time

Hello, I just bought a new Epson l310 printer.

in installation program i was asked if all of the ink tubes filled, i clicked yes, but actually i filled just the black color, the printer started to load the ink, it took 20 minutes and all was good with the black color, but when i filled the other colors, i couldn't do the same ink load like in the begining, and now i can't print with colors, what should i do?

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You may be able to do a factory reset on the printer, that mite bring up that menu choice again. In the settings there also may be a way to add the ink as well. Or you mite just have to do some print head cleanings that should start sucking the ink through.

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