Need help reassembling--can't place springs or metal bracket

So I just bought a used PSP that was in good, working condition but it had cosmetic wear that wasn't acceptable to me so I also purchased a new replacement shell. I disassembled it just fine and got eveything out but now that I am putting it back together in it's new shell I am finding that there aren't any reliable reassembly/teardown guides for the PSP 3001c at all. For the most part it is a lot like the 3001 but it is indeed different.

This had led me to a lot of ocmplications as I am reassembling it. There is a square-ish metal bracket that is not present in any other guides as well as a troubling spring. I also cant figure out the function/reassembly of the spring with arms that goes in the bottom right. Please help! I've looked everywhere.

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