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this isn't a problem but ,i have this old motherboard...

so after i got down building my main pc i had a idea to build a pc out of spare parts but I'm lost, what could i do with this spare motherboard from this machine or could it be good for anything its specs are

processor: intel pentium 4 2.66 ghz

Ram: 526 mb DDR-333 ram

Drive: 120 seagate

Wifi card 10/100 ethernet

i want to push this thing to its limit in terms of everyday usage I'm not planning to spend a lot of money on this thing though so i need some parts that would give me the best bang for the money spent, cheers

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Hi jack,

Judging from the specs the parts are pretty old. The cpu comes out of the Northwood time back in 2002, and the RAM is not very fast.

I don't think those parts can handle today's applications but i would suggest to save the hard drive and the wifi card, those are the most usable parts. Don't expect the harddrive to be very fast, but you can always use it as a second harddrive in a pc. (not as main OS drive)

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