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The sixth generation of the Mazda Protegé, also known as the Mazda Familia and the Mazda 323. The five-door fastback edition was known as the Familia Astina or the 323F.

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Why is my car running rough

My mate changed the belts and air filter and spark plugs and now it runs really rough and misses and jerks then comes good then after a while it will do it again when cruising at 80 or 100 it will run good then start to run rough and miss and jerks and then comes good for a while then does it all over again after a while when going through the gears it's really rough and jerks and misses until you get the revs up its worse when it's cold than when it's warm

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Is there any kind of check engine light on, or any other dashboard light on?


Nah just runs rough it may be fuel filters i dont no if it has one or two then i got to locate them


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My best guesses would be:

A problem with the distributor cap or HT leads - since the spark plugs have been recently changed they could have been damaged if they were quite old and "ready to go" when they were moved.


A problem with fuel delivery eg. a simple part like a fuel pump/filter, or in a car that age it could be a carburettor problem. I used to have a 1990 Toyota and a carburettor problem eventually killed it off, but if I had my time again I'd spend longer investigating if it could be fixed.

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