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Disassembly of ViewSonic 8300

I would like to know how to take apart a ViewSonic 8300 projector. Could someone explain how? There is a fan that is not working correctly, and I know where it is, I just don’t know how to open the projector up.

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Don’t know if this is a help or not but here is a link to the Viewsonic Pro 8400 service manual.

I realize that it is not for your model but was thinking that it may be close enough to be of some help in at least getting access to the components.

Apologies if it is of no use.

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How exactly does one remove the focus ring? Im not sure I understand the instructions there. Otherwise, it looks like it's about the same, so the manual should help. Thank you for giving that by the way, it helped me find a screw that was hidden underneath a sticker.



Looking at the manual it appears that the focus ring "may" be a reverse thread (left hand thread) an needs to be screwed off in a clockwise direction

Go gently if you try this as this is only what I think has to happen not what I know has to happen ;-)


That worked completely! Thank you so much!!! Now that I have fixed the fan, it should function normally now. Thank you!


Did you replace the Lamp FAN or 2 other FANS? https://www.viewsonic.com/parts/pj/misce... ?


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