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LG G Pad X 8.0 was released in June 2016 for T-Mobile's network under model number v521. This tablet is 8.0 inches featuring an octa-core.

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Screen not working from heat- is this fixable?


I have a tablet that I’ve been having for quite awhile and decided I should find out if it’s fixable.

My tablet was left in a glove box for a few days and it was pretty hot out. Not sure of the temperature but the screen lights up and shows some lines across the screen.

Is this fixable at all? Or is it just better to buy a new one?


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The battery is more than likely shot or about to call it quits. It sounds like it is totally out of commission. At this point, either crack it open and see if the battery experienced any leaks or look for another tablet. Something for sure has gone haywire for it to have lines on the screen. My guess is the screen got cracked as the battery expanded.

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