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The Lenovo 100s chromebook-11IBY is an 11.6'' laptop featuring a 1366 x 768 display with up to 8 hours of battery life.

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Lenovo ideapad y700 15inch display problem

my Lenovo ideapad Y700 15inch display isn't working. What happened just the battery was low and didn't realize until the laptop turned off I plugged it turned on but no display showed not even backlight! I connected it to an external screen it's perfectly running tried everything its not working! Any help is appreciated thank you!

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This is a common problem with Lenovo the display cable gets pinched off in the hinge . replacing the cable will probably fix the issue. But before you go to the trouble of replacing it you may want to try this . Pull the battery unplug the laptop and then hold down the power for about 60 seconds . If you cant remove the battery you can also do this by replacing the ram and reinstalling These guides will help

Lenovo 100s Chromebook-11IBY Repair

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Hello, thanks for your reply, i tried removig the battery and the ram it didnt work maybe its as you said the wire. However iam afraid its the nvidia vga burnt? Could it be the case? (NB: I am using it normally using an external display)


Knowing that the laptop have 2 vga s the intel and nvidia


are there actually 2 vga ports on the laptop?


If the vga ports work and you can connect to an external monitor and get a picture then the graphics card is ok and the problem lies in the cable or the screen itself . It could also be in the invertor if its so equipped . replace the cable first as its probably the cheapest part


how does one replace the cable? is there a tutorial? if not, where can i just buy the cable (so i can give it to someone who is better at hardware than I am)?


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