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The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover manufactured by Honda since 1995. Since It uses the Honda Civic platform in an SUV body it was called "CR-V" which stands for Comfortable Runabout Vehicle.

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Can A mechanic cause any damage when replacing a serpentine belt

My power belt broke on my car. I took it to a mechanic called pepboys and they replaced the belt. My car broke down that same day. My car was overheating and the heat level was going on up after I put coolant in my car. I never had problems with my car overheating before. I was wondering could they have down something when replacing my car.

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What caused the belt to break in the first place . Serpentine belt dont tend to break without help. You mentioned adding coolant , was the car heating up before the belt broke or not until after . Check the water pump pulley also check the idlers to make sure there's no bad bearings . The mechanic didn't likely cause the problem but he didn't see the one that was staring him in the face. Hope this helps

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Sounds like your water pump is failing or seized. A competent mechanic should have been able to diagnose this situation when replacing the serpentine belt.

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A GOOD or BAD mechanic should have done a thorough inspection to try to UPSELL extra work to you. Was it your power steering belt that broke, did they try to sell you all the other belts or is this a single serpentine belt? A good mechanic would have inspected all pulleys and bearings for an upsale opportunity.

If you have multiple belts, let's assume 3, which belt was for power steering, the first or second or third. Example if it was the second in my shop, I would replace the first for labor free if you buy the belt, I know not everybody can afford the right job but if I have to remove something to change a broken part, why charge more labor to replace an item that needs replaced if its part of another related job.


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