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The sixth generation of the Mazda Protegé, also known as the Mazda Familia and the Mazda 323. The five-door fastback edition was known as the Familia Astina or the 323F.

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Radiator replacement difficulty, '94 Protege 1.8

I'm looking for a guide to remove and replace the radiator for my '94 Protege. If it helps, mine is the exact model in the picture above. I know I can find the radiator itself for under $50 brand new, but I've not done a replacement before and I have limited mechanical experience. Is this project feasible for someone who has built a computer from scratch?

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sure it is. Computers and automobiles are different. One requires bigger tools and is a lot dirtier.

It is actually pretty straight forward. Take a look at this removal process from the SM

Block Image

You’ll need a metric socket set, wrenches and a few other tools like screwdrivers etc. Here is the part of the cooling system from the SM that should be of help to you

cooling.pdfBiggest issue here is, do not let the antifreeze drain freely. It is toxic to animals and humans!!!

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Thanks for the link and advice, turns out it's a water pump replacement I'm looking at. Might be a bit beyond my abilities, since it's tucked in there behind the belt system. Going to keep trying to find a decent video, but I may be stuck paying the $400 for a mechanic.


Yeah it's a bit of a pain to replace the water pump on your vehicle. You do have the part of the manual that tells you how to do it but if you are unsure, it may be best to get it done by a professional. All the best with your work and let us know how it worked out.


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Water pumps aren't that hard to replace. Start off with getting jack stands and a good Chilton's manual. They have step by step instructions. But it's basically drain your system. And undo the bolts that hold it in u might have to lift over other parts of the engine to get it out. When putting new one in not too much gasket sealeant or u could gum up new pump and tighten bolts to feet per pounds required and not too tight as you could crack your pump

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